Orc Big Hammer


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Height 150cm
Compositions EVA & Latex
Maintenance To ensure maximum lifespan of weapons and ease warranty claims, regularly maintain this item with Epic Armoury Silicone Maintenance Spray

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Orcs favour huge weapons capable of doing massive amounts of damage on the battlefield. The Orc Big Hammer is perhaps the largest of the lot. Some orc women slyly point out that orcish men are compensating for something. They're right - orc males are often insecure about their intelligence and the lack of options regarding education available to them as youths. A lack of proper infrastructure in the Grim Kanargh Ravine coupled with institutional sexism means that many young orcs are forced to join the military just to survive. It is a tough and cruel life.
Their gajol's could stand to be an inch bigger too.


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Orc Big Hammer

Orc Big Hammer

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