Maintenance Silicone (250 ml pump)


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Almost all LARP weapons are made from a foam that is then covered in a plasticised acrylic-latex paint. If not maintained, this paint eventually dries out and can flake or crack. To avoid, a silicon outer coat is applied to all weapons but is slowly worn off as the weapon strikes other weapons, shields and armour. Maintenance spray ensures your weapons are kept in the best condition possible by reinforcing this silicon layer and keeping the PAX paint underneath it moist and supple.

It should be applied after every combat, or at least once a month.

Please note that some people's fingers get tired handling this bottle. You can always unscrew the cap and pour it into a more comfortable trigger bottle with adjustable nozzle for convenience.


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Maintenance Silicone (250 ml pump)

Maintenance Silicone (250 ml pump)

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