Sentinel Spear


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Height 180cm
Compositions EVA & Latex
Maintenance To ensure maximum lifespan of weapons and ease warranty claims, regularly maintain this item with Epic Armoury Silicone Maintenance Spray

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Made of spidersteel and chimeric wood the Sentinel Spear is the signature weapon of the Stone Elves of Attur. The chimeric wood drives the Stone Elves into a strangely lucid rage that allows them to fight even when crippled; the spidersteel bites through metal and poisons the enemy with mystical apathy. Hundreds of orcs have raided the city only to be stabbed a single time, deciding it might be as good a place to sit in the sun and relax for a day. Weeks pass and eventually the orc dies of painless hunger. The orcs now call it 'Lazytown' and now send their elderly there as a humane form of euthanasia. The elves don't seem to mind.


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Sentinel Spear

Sentinel Spear

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