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Seal of Devotion - Gate

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The Seals of Devotion are marks of pure fate, righteous zeal, and sworn oaths of valour. Those... more
Product information "Seal of Devotion - Gate"

The Seals of Devotion are marks of pure fate, righteous zeal, and sworn oaths of valour.
Those that bear the Seal of Devotion are recognized for their dedication and loyalty and as the result respected for their achievements. They are granted to wear the seal on their armour permanently so the others might recognize their faith and fervour.

This resin seal with printed cloth scroll is fitted with a powerful magnet which allows you to mount it on part of your metal armour. Additionally, the set contains a metal disk with a pin that also allows the seal to be fixed to garments, or hilts of weapons, and a blank scroll that can be written on allowing you to give it your own personal touch.
The Seal of Devotion is available in 18 unique variants. Each seal has a diameter of approximately 60 mm and each scroll is approximately 29 cm long.

Wax seals were in common use during the middle ages to authenticate legal documents such as contracts or royal proclamations.

Seal of Devotion is developed be Barabarians Forge for Epic Armoury

Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 34cm
Width: 6cm
Weight: 55g
Material: Cotton, High Density Polyurethane, Magnetic Steel
Maintenance: The resin seal can be cleaned using a soft brush or a wet cloth. The attached scroll can be hand cleaned with detergent.
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