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Basic Dress

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You’ve had a busy day in the market, visiting the bustling shops and running necessary errands.... more
Product information "Basic Dress"

You’ve had a busy day in the market, visiting the bustling shops and running necessary errands. Thankfully you were comfortable in your Basic Dress, a blessing considering the amount of walking you’ve done simply going to and from town!

Now you have returned to the farm, unloading your baskets of odds and ends on your table. Your family is excited to see you, offering you warm broth from a kettle on the fire. As exciting as the market may be, it’s good to be in the comfort of your home.


Epic Armoury's Basic Dress is a simple but graceful slip-on dress with long sleeves designed to function on its own or to be combined with other Epic Armoury clothes. The V-cut neckline and wrists are embroidered with a contrasting broad stitch, while the bottom hem is trimmed with matching edging. Made from comfortable, soft cotton, this dress reaches from the shoulders to the ankles and has a comfortably wide skirt to allow for easy movement.

The Basic Dress is a great start to a special costume. While inspired by Renaissance design, this dress can easily be used by almost any character or culture with a little creativity.


  • Also referred to as a “kirtle,” which is a garment worn over a chemise or smock
  • Popular garment worn by middle class women in the 1400-1600s
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 132cm, 142cm, 146cm, 149cm
Width: 58cm, 48cm, 53cm, 64cm
Weight: 540g, 620g, 660g, 700g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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