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Peasant Dress

Peasant Dress
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  • 31070-3U
You own two dresses--one for work, and one for special occasions. You are careful to treat each... more
Product information "Peasant Dress"

You own two dresses--one for work, and one for special occasions. You are careful to treat each article as though it is precious.

So, you are patching up your Peasant Dress once again. You have been mending it for years, adjusting the fit and fixing unraveled stitches and torn hems. It is a good thing you saved the money for this heavy cotton dress in the first place! It has survived the abuse of regular labor well, all things considered.

Many people are not so lucky.


Epic Armoury’s Peasant Dress is a graceful but casual sleeveless dress designed to shine on its own or to be combined with other Epic Armoury clothes. With a V-cut neckline and a tailored waist, this ankle-length dress is both comfortable and appealing. Adjust the fit to your preference by tightening the drawstring brace on the front, which can be tied shut or worn visible depending on the style desired. The waistline can also be adjusted with a cloth strap around the back.

Made from soft cotton, the Peasant Dress is a great start to a special costume. While inspired by Renaissance design, this dress can easily be used by almost any character or culture with a little creativity.


  • Most peasants of the Middle Ages only owned two sets of clothing, which would be patched and mended for years
  • Also referred to as a “kirtle,” which is a garment worn over a chemise or smock
  • Popular garment worn by middle class women in the 1400-1600s
Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 140cm, 147cm, 136cm, 143cm
Width: 50cm, 55cm, 45cm, 61cm
Weight: 520g, 440g, 560g, 640g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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