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Landsknecht Shirt

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The sword sits in the baldric hanging down from your shoulder, faithful to its master despite... more
Product information "Landsknecht Shirt"

The sword sits in the baldric hanging down from your shoulder, faithful to its master despite the challenges. It has been a long and dusty road--and your uniform down to your Landsknecht Shirt and pants are covered in dirt and grime--but that sword has remained at your side through it all.

As your infantry unit comes to a halt, there is the tension one always feels before the fight. You resist the anxiety, because the moment you step into battle all of that must fade away. It will be you fighting alongside your fellow soldiers, and it will be the sword hanging in your trusted baldric that keeps you alive.


Epic Armoury’s Landsknecht Shirt is a hip-length shirt with baggy sleeves and vertically cut colours, most often associated with the wealthy men of the Renaissance. Made from durable heavy cotton, this shirt has a broad neck which can be laced open or closed. The contrasting puff-and-slash sleeves end in narrow cuffs at the wrists, which are adjusted by tightening its reinforced cotton cord to get the best fit.

The Landsknecht Shirt is fully compatible with Epic Armoury's other clothes and armours, and the style will fit with a broad variety of characters.


  • Shirts began as a form of undergarments for men in the 7th-10th centuries
  • Considered more of a Renaissance-era fashion for men with its billowy sleeves
  • Traditionally worn as an underlayer beneath a doublet or vest
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 68cm, 77cm, 100cm, 85cm, 93cm
Width: 66cm, 81cm, 55cm, 73cm, 60cm
Weight: 640g, 440g, 480g, 600g, 540g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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Customer evaluation for "Landsknecht Shirt"
3 May 2022

Excellent value! Well made. Could use a bit more something around the neck/collar

Look, to be fair at this price point it's a fantastic choice. My only comment would be you might want to wear something with a collar underneath - especially if you're going for that very historical look - as this was a time when peoples' collar game was off-the-hook. This shirt's collar and neckline is quite open and bare feeling, but can be remedied with an undershirt if you're willing to layer.

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