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Half Scarface Zombie

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Fire doesn't kill zombies. Well, it does. It kills anything in large enough quantities, but a... more
Product information "Half Scarface Zombie"

Fire doesn't kill zombies. Well, it does. It kills anything in large enough quantities, but a flaming zombie can still get around a lot longer than a flaming human, and they tend to set things on fire as they go. When the wicking effect burns through all of the subcutaneous fat there's not much left by char and bone... but if it doesn't melt their brains, they'll still be shambling long after the last sluggish thought through their decaying brain matter was that you would have gone really well with Masterfoods brand BBQ sauce.


Hunger. Hunger is all you feel and know. In a vague portion of your mind you remember that there had once been so much more. You had a job. You had a family. But now as you catch the whiff of something delicious, that vague memory is forgotten.

You groan hungrily as you see one of the living, its movement catching your rotting eye. You stagger onward, driven by your sole desire for flesh.


Epic Effects’ new Half Face Zombie is a full mask that has seen livelier days. Seen from the left, you appear passably human with a realistic looking face, featuring hand painted eyebrows and skin and textured with wrinkles and scars. Then turn your head, revealing a terrifying surprise! The right side appears torn off and fractured, dominated by bloody tissue overlaying exposed bone. The eyes of the mask are large with good visibility.

The mask fits over your face and chin, moving with your natural jaw movement. The mask is made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, ensuring long life and extended reuse. The mask is a medium fit made with good room for breathing and ventilation, thus improving comfort with extended wear. The look and style of the mask can be modified by highlighting it with Epic Effects' Water Based Makeup from event to event.


  • Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre stories
  • The term zombie comes from Haitian folklore, describing a dead body animated by magic
  • The concept of zombies was first exposed to the Western culture with W.B. Seabrook’s The Magic Island in 1929
Epic Circle: Dark Moon
Height: 25cm
Width: 58cm circumference
Weight: 253g
Material: EVA, Latex
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