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Wrench No.1

Wrench No.1
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Behind the security of barbed wire and guards, your group has taken refuge. It’s one of the... more
Product information "Wrench No.1"

Behind the security of barbed wire and guards, your group has taken refuge. It’s one of the safest places you’ve lived since the fall of civilization, and it’s given you a little time to recuperate. You set up a workshop and gather some tools.

With your Wrench No. 1, you build the framework for a mechanical suit of armour. You have dreams that one day you’ll be able to walk safely through gunfire in a wearable tank...and you’re just the post-apocalyptic mechanic to figure it out.


Dark Moon’s Wrench No.1 is a realistic looking open-ended spanner designed to be used as a throwing weapon. The Wrench No.1 is sculpted and handpainted to look like heavy metal, and is 32 cm long with a 25 cm handle labeled ‘DM Tools No. 1’ along its face. The 8 cm wide head may have been adjustable at one time, but the apocalypse has caused its jaws to become fixed in place.

Use this weapon in close combat, or as a throwing weapon. Made from coreless durable closed cell foam and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that this Wrench No.1 will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your LARP kit.


  • Typically called a spanner
  • Wrenches have been around since the 15th century
  • Adjustable wrenches were first created in the mid 19th century
Width: 6cm
Depth: 3cm
Maintenance: For best results, maintain with silicone after each game
Height: 32cm
Weight: 35g
Material: EVA, Latex
Epic Circle: Dark Moon
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