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RFB Double Sword Harness

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Please note : This product is designed for young LARPers and Cosplayers, primarily with RFB... more
Product information "RFB Double Sword Harness"

Please note: This product is designed for young LARPers and Cosplayers, primarily with RFB sword designs in mind. The harness will not withstand heavy combat or some of the heavier LARP swords. The RFB Double Sword Harness best fits wearers who are size extra-small, small or medium.

Everyone knows that the most bad assed warriors had a setup where you couldn't tell where their sword blades ended and their shoulder blades began.

As an Adventurer, you never know who you might be working for or what beast you’ll be sent to dispatch next. There’s only one thing for certain: if there’s enough money or glory to be had, you’re the right person for the job.

Admittedly, when the farmer came running into town claiming his crops had been torched, you hadn’t anticipated a trap. By the time you realized that the farmer was luring you into a bandit ambush, they already had you captured. At least your Double Sword Harness kept your swords safe! Now, if you can just wiggle out of those ropes enough to grab the hilt…A bandit notices and takes your sword and your Sword Hardness for himself.

You really need to rethink trusting farmers.


This bestselling Ready For Battle Double Harness is a weapon-frog designed to let you carry two weapons on your back. Durable and built to withstand the abuse of extensive use, the harness is made from stiff canvas and rimmed around all edges with stitched, double-layered leather. The harness can house two weapons set through frogs attached to a back plate. Each 16 cm long frog is open at both ends and usable by a wide variety of weapons. Simply adjust its flattened leather cords through its brass eyelet-reinforced braces on the front of each frog to fit the weapon you want to use. The Double Harness is worn on the back with cotton-weave straps around each shoulder.

The harness fits most Epic Armoury weapons and is compatible with all Epic Armoury leathers. The Harness has a moderated style that will go with a multitude of characters, roles and worlds.


  • Back scabbards were historically only used by a few Asian-cultures for longer blades
  • A modern invention made popular in fiction and fantasy
Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 16cm
Width: 10cm
Weight: 250g
Material: Leather, Canvas
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