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Star Shield

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  • D403045D
Many claimed it was due to the rise of Chaos in the lands, and the the numerological value or... more
Product information "Star Shield"

Many claimed it was due to the rise of Chaos in the lands, and the the numerological value or gemoetries of the star shield design somehow offered protection. 


Your Knight’s Code is one of valor, truth, and courage. You are tasked with defending the innocent and the weak, and today your oath is being tested. Outside of town there has been a bandit attack on a merchant and his family, and it’s up to you to rescue them.

Your squire straps your Star Shield tight onto your arm over the weight of your chainmail, and with a prayer to your god you and your small unit strike out onto the road.

Criminals be warned.


Epic Armoury’s Star Shield is a pentagonal latex shield loosely inspired by the round shields of 10th and 11th century Normans. This 60 cm shield has a design befitting many character types, sculpted and painted to look like an iron shield, reinforced with a studded brass star across the face. A round shield boss in the centre is designed to deflect weapons.

Use this Star Buckler left- or right-handed with the split-leather wrapped punch grip hidden behind the shield boss. The 16 cm handle is secured through hard EVA foam for a reliable and solid grip made to last. Feel confident that this latex shield will withstand the continued abuse of a LARP with regular latex maintenance.


  • Round wooden style was predominantly used in the early European Middle Ages using light, non-splintering wood such as linden, fir, alder or poplar
  • Iron rim was sometimes used as a way to reinforce the shield
  • Used the Shield Boss--the round, convex piece of material at the centre of the shield--to deflect blows
Material: Leather, EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
Height: 60cm
Weight: 950g
Width: 60cm
Depth: 16cm
Epic Circle: Ancient
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