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Throwing Knives Classic Range

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Throwing Knives:

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Throwing knives are an invaluable additional to any LARPers arsenal. With many different styles,... more
Product information "Throwing Knives Classic Range"

Throwing knives are an invaluable additional to any LARPers arsenal.
With many different styles, Epic Armoury throwing knives are made from durable foam that can survive being trod on and come in many different styles to suit your character.


NOTE: Some of the throwing knife designs have been discontinued, some re-continued. If the design is out of stock, we may not be able to get it in again so please check with us for any backorders.


You hold your Throwing Knife between your teeth, keeping it handy while your hands are busy picking a noble’s unguarded luggage. Leaving anything valuable without a guard is like an invitation to steal least that’s been your experience.

With a satisfying ‘click!’ the lock comes undone and you pry the chest open to reveal--oh, yes! That will do nicely. You pocket what looks to be a sizeable purse and a few interesting looking weapons, before carefully replacing the lock and sneaking out of the tent undetected.


The bestselling Epic Armoury Throwing Knife with Leather is an all-metal finished 15 cm blade and soft black split-leather 6 cm handle perfect for rogues and creative soldiers alike. With its low-fantasy style, match this Throwing Knife with most Epic Armoury products and characters. Use it as a weapon or surgery tool--whatever fits your needs! Made from coreless durable closed cell foam and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that this Throwing Knife will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your kit.


  • Designed to resemble a “balanced knife,” which is preferred by most Western traditions
  • Knife throwing was first used in martial arts and hunting before it became a sport
  • Throwing a knife was always considered a risk in martial arts, because an unsuccessful attack would leave you without a weapon while arming your attacker
Depth: 4cm
Height: 24cm
Maintenance: For best results, maintain with silicone after each game
Weight: 30g
Width: 3cm
Material: EVA, Latex
Epic Circle: Defiant
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