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Archery Target - White/Green

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  • DIDV-04103D
Need some target practice with your LARP Bows? IDV's soft foam targets allow for precision... more
Product information "Archery Target - White/Green"

Need some target practice with your LARP Bows?

IDV's soft foam targets allow for precision testing so you can thread that needle at a distance.

There is an archery contest at the king’s coronation this year, and you are preparing to compete for the 1000 gold purse. The prize is especially generous this year, so you have spent hours with your Team Target to get ready.

Your arrow soars through one of the circles, marking your hit. You’ll be the winner, you’re sure of it.


Epic Armoury’s White/Green Team Target is designed by iDV Engineering, the leading archery crafters in the LARP industry. This target is a great accessory for the serious LARP archer, designed specifically for foam and rubber tipped arrows. Made with thick, sturdy foam, this target features 5 circles that punch out when hit by an arrow. This function makes it possible to know when you’ve hit your target, improving your aim with arrows that do not otherwise leave marks.

This target has reversible colors on the front and back, featuring white on one side and green on the other. Set it up by sliding the foam tabs into its two wide stands.


  • Traditional archery targets were made from coiled straw mats
  • Before straw targets, tall mounds of dirt called butts were used
Height: 60cm
Width: 58cm
Weight: 940g
Material: EVA
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