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> Defiant Universe



As an Adventurer, you never know who you might be working for or what beast you’ll be sent to dispatch next. There’s only one thing for certain: if there’s enough money or glory to be had, you’re the right person for the job.

Admittedly, when the farmer came running into town claiming his crops had been torched, you hadn’t anticipated a trap. By the time you realized that the farmer was luring you into a bandit ambush, they already had you captured. At least your dagger is still safe on your belt! Now, if you can just grab the hilt…

A bandit notices and takes your dagger for himself. You really need to rethink trusting farmers.

You assume the bandits are going to kill you when they realize no one is going to pay an Adventurer’s ransom, but for now they leave you tied up in the cellar of an old farmhouse. They took your weapons. Worst of all they took your pride--but they did not take your uncanny ability to wiggle out of ropes!

Free at last, you sneak from the hideout and take to the woods. When they realize you’re missing, they’ll hopefully scour the roads and search the town. You’re a smart adventurer, after all--or at least one that is smart enough to still be alive.

Hiding in the underbrush and using your cape for warmth, you decide to wait the bandits out until you can sneak away to the next town. Of course, your plan doesn’t really account for the possibility of running into wild beasts.

Here’s hoping the wolves aren’t hungry.


Epic Armoury’s Defiant Universe is a line of products designed for rangers, adventurers, mercenaries and thieves alike. This sturdy collection is as resourceful and clever as the character types that inspired it, maintaining comfort necessary to move undetected through the forest and the countryside. You’ll find natural materials in the Defiant line, featuring hardened leather with useful pockets, lacing and straps. Natural colours like browns, creams and greens are mainly used to give you the edge necessary to hide in the shadows.

Defiant armour, clothing, props, and weaponry will transform you into an adventurous or treacherous wanderer. The Defiant are creative and cunning people, made to outsmart the typical soldier or noble. For this reason a wide list of functional tools have been included within the Defiant line, to make your character all the more effective.


During the 1500s, the English passed the 1572 Vagabonds Act, arresting and painfully punishing--even executing--people with no land, master, or legitimate source of income. These Defiants were vagrant wanderers who rejected societal rules in favor of their own, and to the English they were viewed as a nuisance and a threat to a peaceful society.

Today, calling someone defiant implies that the person is headstrong and independent, but still deemed likeable. The world likes defiant people--just as they like rogues, rangers, mercenaries and scoundrels. Many find them dangerous and attractive. Robin Hood was a rogue, as are many favorite fantasy characters. In the true words of Han Solo to Princess Leia in Star Wars, “You like me because I’m a scoundrel.”


The Defiant is influenced by the classic noble (and not so noble) adventurer, who has ventured on his own and has no master but him or herself. Like the rogue or ranger class of many role-playing games, the Defiant rely on finesse over strength, being clever and skilled in order to accomplish his or her goals.