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Another clan has laid seige upon your home, claiming the land and your people. What was once your birthright has been taken from you in the name of a false king, but you will not be silenced.

You meet with your warriors in secret. You are plotting a revolt against your oppressors, the spark that will ignite the fire and the war that is sure to follow. The fighting is sure to be bloody, and you are unsure if you can win. As you feel your resolve weaken you touch the sword hanging from your belt.

Your sword once belonged to your father before an untimely death. Its sharpened, freshly cleaned steel has seen countless travels. It has shed blood on the English coast, been tarnished under the sun of Spain, and been drawn in defense of Miklagard. The day to add to its story has come.

You will not stand down. You are prepared to do everything it takes to win back what is rightfully yours. When you raise your father’s sword high into the air, your warriors let forth a cheer of the same confidence you feel down into your bones. You will fight well. You will win glory for your home and your people.


Epic Armoury’s Stalwart Universe is a line of products designed to clothe northern warriors gathered in great halls and camps, telling war stories with a mug of mead in hand. This tribal collection is as strong as the hardy people who inspired us, built to withstand harsh winters and bitter wars. You’ll find rugged practicality in the Stalwart line, featuring druidic runes and natural materials. We use earthy colours to give your character a rustic appearance--perfect for Barbarians, Vikings, or Dwarves.

Stalwart armour, clothing, props, and weaponry will transform you into a Norman woodsman or brutal Viking. The Stalwart are a sturdy and hardened folk with tools that make them prepared for any foe.


The Stalwart Universe is based on several historical groups of people originating in central Europe around 800-450 B.C. The Celts were Iron Age and Medieval Europeans who spoke a Celtic language and had cultural similarities. Having migrated all over Europe, many languages and cultures developed over time.

Unlike popular belief, the Celts and the Vikings were not the same people. Vikings were from Norman descent and considered Scandinavians. However, there is some evidence that the Celts and Scandinavian cultures came into contact with each other through the ages. Some theories suggest that they share more history than originally believed.


While the Celts and Normans are still considered different cultures, the Stalwarts are inspired by both. Enjoy the pagan and druidic influence of both societies, and a line of products that is beautiful and unconfined.