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> Ethereal Universe



The way the human children look at you, you assume they have never seen an elf before. It is not often that you travel into cities. You prefer the tranquil sounds of the forest, away from the stench and chaos of busy human streets.

You have business with a certain wizard in town, so while your elegant elven garb causes you to stand out amongst the crowd, you continue without raising a fuss. After all, short-lived creatures do not know any better than to stare.

As you round the corner of a busy street onto a less traveled shortcut, your elven ears hear the unmistakable shuffle of footsteps behind you. A smile crosses your delicate lips as you realize a stranger is attempting to sneak up on someone as lithe and alert as you.

”I know you are there,” you call over your shoulder.

Your ears pick up the faintest noise, and as you hear the ‘snap!’ of a crossbow, you spin and dodge the incoming bolt. Three men have their weapons ready, blocking your exit from the alley. It appears these lesser creatures want to make an enemy of an elf as powerful as you. As you unsheath your elven blades, you intend on illustrating their critical mistake.


Epic Armoury’s Ethereal Universe is a line of products designed to fit the needs of magical woodland beings like the elves and fae. This elegant collection is stylish and rooted in high-fantasy, with curved lines to evoke the foliage of the Ethereal’s homeworld. You’ll find elaborate detail in the Ethereal line, featuring embroidery and fur lining on natural fabrics. We use natural colours, as well, to match the beauty of the forest.

Ethereal armour, clothing, makeup, and weaponry will transform you into a woodland hunter or magically inclined fighter. Ethereal characters are effective rangers with tools that make them dangerous and lethal.


The Ethereal Universe is inspired by the elves of fictional literature and the legends where their stories began. Originally a creation of Germanic mythology and folklore, elves are considered a magical creature with supernatural beauty. This definition has varied throughout history, at times labeling these creatures as fae or even dangerous thieves.


The Ethereal are based in the forests and shrouded in mystery, neither good nor bad. While many call to mind J.R.R. Tolkien’s 20th century writings on the “Middle Earth Elf,” the Ethereal and the high-fantasy genre that inspires them are not limited to the graceful and wise creatures we now expect in our games and literature.