Frequently Asked Questions

What is LARP? 

Live Action RolePlay is taking something like World of Warcraft or Dungeons & Dragons off the computer or table, and putting it in real life.

There are two types of LARP most commonly found in Australia: Nordic LARPs and Battlesports. Nordic LARPs focus more on the roleplay aspects and may not include actual combat at all, and what your characters can do are determined by the game's rules. Battlesports are... well, they're Rugby for nerds, or a melee version of paintballing. Battlesports (or Battlegames) are typically full-contact sport and will include elements of roleplay and costuming requirements, but are often less focused on these aspects than traditional LARP games. Many games combine elements of the two but lean in one direction or the other.

There are LARPs for almost every genre, time period, and fandom, from Arthurian to Zombies.

Historical re-enactment is a form of LARPing. Other games and re-enactments directly or indirectly related to LARP include Freeform/theatre LARP, Parlour LARP, Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), and tabletop games that include minor live action elements (e.g. costuming, daggers, objects of importance).

Do I need a license to buy or use these products?

No, we do not sell any items that require a license to purchase or use in Australia. There are no age restrictions placed on the items we sell.

License requirements for prohibited items, such as swords and firearms, changes from state to state, but it is highly unlikely that you will need a license for any product that we sell.

Do you sell real weapons or order them in on request?

No. We do not have the permits to sell real weapons. Besides, we assure you your friends will be more tolerant of being hit with a LARP sword than a metal sword.

Note that any site you purchase real weapons from in Australia should ask you for ID and the relevant permits for your state or territory.

*Epic Armoury International does produce LARP crossbows, but due to Victorian legislation Epic Armoury Australia does not import crossbows of any sort.

What is the typical lifespan of these LARP weapons?

Epic Armoury weapons are designed with full contact combat LARPs in mind, however different brands are aimed at different levels of combat.

Ready for Battle weapons are designed for use at light-touch games and for children to use.

The Epic Armoury Classic and Epic Armoury Hybrid ranges are designed for medium to heavy-touch combat games and are suitable for all ages.

The Stronghold range is designed for heavy-touch combat games and are suitable for those who are after a heavier-duty and maintenance-free solution.

Please note that many brands of weapons require maintenance, as does all the armour. Taking good care of your LARP weapons will lengthen the life of your weapon.

Do not:

  • Leave them out in the rain, mud, or intense heat/UV;

  • Let your pets / siblings / children chew them;

  • Challenge trees or metal poles to a duel.


How do LARP weapons & armour differ from toy weapons & armour?

Many of the brands we stock have to put up with fairly realistic combat conditions. The sorts of forces exerted on the items are very similar to that on the body armour worn in full contact sports. The materials to make items that stand up to that kind of punishment are very specific and rather expensive in the first place. Many of the items we sell are individually handmade.

In addition, the LARP weapons we sell are frequently used by production companies for film and theatre in place of real weapons. As such they need to look realistic from a distance without being dangerous to the participants if they break from misuse.

Here is a video of us taking a mallet to the "toy" armour:

Can I get a discount?

We think you will find our prices are already very cost competitive, especially once you factor in the cost of shipping from overseas suppliers.

However, if you are you another retailer, organiser of a LARP, or warband/faction within your LARP then discounts for larger orders may be available. Please contact us for further information.

Do you offer layby?

We offer a layby service for individual items for regular customers. Please contact us for terms & conditions, or to arrange one.

Do you offer free shipping?

No. Pick up is available from our showroom in Oakleigh.

Do you offer express shipping?


Why can't I track my order?

There are a few reasons for why you may not be able to track your order:

1) We sent it by Australia Post instead of our usual courier, Interparcel, because your address cannot be delivered to by a courier i.e. a P.O. Box
2) There isn't a tracking event because the Interparcel's system hasn't updated, even though the individual courier has provided us with the tracking hash
3) The parcel has gotten lost. Sadly, this happens from time to time. If that is the case we will do our best to get another item out to you as soon as we are aware of the problem, or if that is not possible, refunding your purchase.

Why is the item I want out of stock?

We have an extensive catalogue and unfortunately items are sometimes out of stock, either at our warehouse in Australia, or at the International Head Office in Denmark.

We receive re-stock deliveries quarterly, so if an item you are interested is out of stock in Australia but in stock with the manufacturer, the wait time is typically 2-3 months.  

Please ask us for an ETA if you are interested in a particular item that needs to arrive before your next LARP event.

What is your returns & warranty policy?

The following is a quick break down of our returns policy:

  • 30 day return policy for armour and clothing that is the wrong size. 
    Please note that for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns prosthetics or undergarments.

  • We offer a 6 month manufacturer's replacement for weapons with core breakages from reasonable use, but the terms depend on the manufacturer.
    Reasonable use defined as use in a LARPing activity wherein other players are not injured, the broken item has not been subjected to clearly excessive force or tampered with, and the customer has made every reasonable effort to maintain the equipment.

We will not provide refunds or exchanges on items that have clearly been mishandled, maltreated, or not maintained.
While make every effort to provide correct information as to suitability of equipment, please note that we may not be aware of your local group's rules and regulations for players. As such we will not provide refunds or exchanges on items that are considered unsuitable for your local game. Please exercise due diligence when making purchases.
Any returns that require manual handling on our end to be fit for sale again may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 10%.

What is the white coating on the weapons or armour I just received?

All metal, leather, latex and silicone products require a basic degree of maintenance. Even while being kept in storage. As we often take things out of storage for display and sale at events, we make sure we keep them in pristine condition. We lubricate the metal armour with Lanox, wax all the leather with a leather balasalm, and coat the weapons with Epic Armoury Protection Gel after events they've been brought out for.
If there is a white residue on the leather it can be easily scraped off with a fingernail. Oily residue on weapons and other armours can be 
gently wiped off with some paper towel or a chamoise.

How do I maintain my armour and LARP weapons?

Leather items (e.g. armour, bags, shoes, sword holders): apply a leather balsalm regularly whenever it feels like it is drying out or if it's very stiff. There are plenty of good products for leather maintenance easily available. This helps the look of the product and provides some waterproofing. NOTE: SUEDE MAINTENANCE REQUIRES SUEDE-SPECIFIC MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS IF CLEANING / WATERPROOFING.

Foam with latex (shiny-look) weapons / shields: silicone maintenance spray applied every 2-4 weeks is advised (more often where used mutiple times a week). To use the silicone maintenance spray, spray the item several times and gently rub in the maintenance spray with a soft cloth (or if you have several items to maintain, wear disposable rubber/latex gloves to rub the spray in). Leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes before use. Regular use of maintenance spray lengthens the lifespan of your weapons and prevents drying and cracking of the latex. We recommend Epic Armoury Protection Gel. If this is not available to you, some other silicone maintenance sprays (such as for car dash boards) are on the market, but be careful using silicone sprays that aren't designed with LARP weapons in mind as they may yellow the latex when exposed to UV.

Polyurethane / latex-free weapons: These weapons are maintenance free. Silicone spray won't harm them at all, but is not necessary to apply. Just store them somewhere that isn't exposed to extreme temperatures, UV or damp.

Metal armour: Metal armour must be kept lubricated to avoid rust spots. We recommend Lanox MX4 because this is one of the few metal lubricants that will not harm the leather straps. There are many metal lubricants on the market, if you choose one of the many other options just be sure to avoid getting it on the leather straps as the majority of sprays will dry out the leather, leading them to break. Spray your armour in a well-ventilated area after it has been worn or touched by people, as the sweat on ones hands causes rusting over time.

Chaimail (steel): put the chainmail in a sack and liberally spray the chainmail with a metal lubricant. Chainmail is quick to rust, so we advise keeping it in it's lubricated sack for storage when not being worn. Aluminium chainmail does not require regular maintenance.

Gambesons: use leather balsalm on the straps then hand wash and leave to dry on a flat surface. Gambesons do accumulate a lot of sweat so they do need to be washed regularly, but they do not survive well with harsh machine washing, tumble drying or drycleaning.

Prothestetics, make-up, contact lenses:

     Elf ears and similar prosthetics can be applied with spirit gum or power glue and removed with spirit gum remover or power glue remover. When removed, gently wash them with soapy water or shampoo to remove dirt and any water-based makeup that has been applied to them.

     For the longevity of your makeup, use clean makeup brushes or sponges and only add enough water for use each time rather than keeping the makeup continuously wet.

     The Epic Armoury contact lenses are 90 day wear lenses, meaning you take them out each evening, but if they are kept in clean saline in a contact lense case, they can be reworn over the 90 day period from when they were first opened. If you are not familiar with contact lense wear and care we recommend looking up how to YouTube videos or asking your local optometrist.


How do I put on this armour?

Armour varies signifcantly in design so there is not a guide to each item. Many pieces will require a squire to assist you in putting it on. In general, pay attention to which side the buckles should sit according to the pictures on the site so you can tell which is left vs right and make sure your armour is buckled or laced in firmly.

Torso armour: will usually require a gambeson to be worn underneath, both for comfort and to prevent injury if you fall over (particularly metal armour).

Helmets: the majority of helmets we sell have an internal arming cap, but it is often recommended to wear an additional arming cap for comfort or if you are between sizes.

Greaves / leg armour: check to make sure the armour doesn't knock up under your knee cap when you run and wear padding underneath it for comfort and a firm fit.

Shoulder armour: Most shoulder armour requires a neck plate to attach to or a gambeson with attachment points.

Metal gauntlets / Bazuband: some gauntlets are designed with a leather glove as part of the piece. If the gauntlet doesn't come with a leather glove, such as the demi-gauntlets or bazubands, it is recommended that you wear gloves under them for comfort, however they can be worn without.

Check out YouTube for tutorials on putting on your particular piece of armour and to see how it is worn. We will be increasing instructional tutorials over time for this.

How do I find people in my local area that I can challenge to duels?

Check out the Australian LARP Directory under the information section on our site.