Reseller Registration

Reseller Registration

Registration details below are for businesses who want to become resellers of Epic Armoury Products in Australia and New Zealand.

Please note this registration is only for resellers and not private persons. Resellers are businesses that purchase products to resell them via a web shop, conventions, fairs, or a brick-and-mortar store.

If you represent a group, organisation, gaming, or LARP club, please visit our online store or showroom, or read about our Affiliated Program for LARP organisers and event makers.

How do I get started?

  1. Register for a standard customer account through our site. The link is at the top of the home page under “My Account”.

  2. Contact us through email [email protected] or via our contact form to request a wholesale account form and provide us the email and name you have created a customer account under.

  3. Upon receipt of the wholesale account form from us, please complete the application and return it to us via email.

Please note: We must finalise the registration manually; you will receive an email when this is done. If you haven’t heard back from us within a few business days, please reach out in case we’ve missed your application.

We do not offer credit terms or consignment stock, all accounts including reseller accounts require payment prior to dispatch of orders.


Epic Armoury Reseller

As an Epic Armoury Reseller you will gain access to our wide range of LARP products. Our products are not only used for LARP, but are also commonly used in TV, theatrical, and movie productions. If you have questions or need support on how to LARP and how to expand LARP in your region, we are  happy to help.

One-Stop LARP dealer

Our already expansive range of products covers almost every facet of fantasy, from Accessories to weapons for Zeus, and we are always adding new products to keep this growing range fresh so your customers will keep returning for more. Our globe spanning team designs and produces a wide variety of equipment featuring personal character items, camp gear, archery, make-up, leather crafts, metal works, clothing, weaponry, and a broad range of accessories. Within these categories, we offer a wide range of quality equipment that covers anything from a first time LARPer’s basic needs to the high-end highly detailed equipment for more demanding players.

Ordering our brands

The Epic Armoury online catalogue contains the complete assortment of Epic Armoury, Stronghold, Ready For Battle (RFB), Epic Effect, Light Kit, and Dark Moon. Our website shows product availability, attributes, and descriptions. You can download product pictures from our web pages, and we can provide you with a download link for both high and low-resolution pictures of our products by request.

Ongoing product development and improvement

We constantly strive to improve our line of products through development, experimenting, testing and receiving ongoing feedback from the LARPing community. If you or your customers have ideas for what we should develop next we are always happy to pin it up on the drawing board and see what we can do to make your fantasy their reality.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.