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Square Pavilion Tent - 5x8M

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Product information "Square Pavilion Tent - 5x8M"

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The Epic Armoury Marquee Tent is based on designs that have been known since the medieval crusades. Whether you are a wealthy knight or part of an entire mercenary band, the Epic Armoury Marquee Tent offers a spacious and stylish abode with lined colours to signal your allegiance or natural colour for a versatile, non-aligned look. The roof is supported by two centre poles and 20 side poles, allowing for an open canopy setup without walls or a secluded setup with walls. As an upgrade from the typical design with tedious rope hoops, the wall pieces of the Epic Armoury Marquee Tent attach easily to the roof piece with fastening hooks. We have crafted the poles from powder-coated iron while the fabric consists of 100% heavy-duty (425g/m²) cotton, weatherproofed with paraffin wax for extra durability. With correct maintenance, the Epic Armoury Marquee Tent will keep you and your party sheltered throughout many adventurous seasons!


The Epic Armoury Marquee Tent  (5×8m) is available in nine colour combinations: Natural/Natural, Natural/Epic Black, Natural/Emperor Red, Natural/Lapis Blue, Natural/Emerald Green, Epic Black/Crimson Red, Epic Black/Fire Yellow, Epic Black/Lapis Blue and Epic Black/Emerald Green.


We recommend the Epic Armoury Pavilion Tent if you wish for a more rounded alternative with the same dual-coloured composition and quality. For a more subtle and lean design, the Epic Armoury Double Wedge Tent provides excellent shelter for you as an esteemed adventurer!



The word marquee refers to a large tent of unusual elaborateness used for social or commercial functions. It is derived from the French words marquis (?) and marquise (?), a noble hereditary title ranking between earl and duke. Thus, a marquee tent refers to a place suitable for a marquis or marquise. With our modern adjustments to this historical classic, you and your party can now enjoy the adventurous roads with sheer audacity. Canapés are sold separately!


Evil tongues whisper that most LARP equipment perish under the curse of neglectful maintenance. Unfortunately, tent equipment is no exception to this unless you are capable of a mending spell. While we strive to provide tents of high quality with easy setup, there is one golden rule worth the entire treasury of Erebor: Make sure your tent is clean and dry before longtime storage! Undoubtedly, your tent will eventually endure the hardships of rain and mud. It is fine to pack up the tent in wet condition, but remember to allow the canvas to dry and brush away dirt and grime once you are home from your adventures. You can then repack the tent for longtime storage and celebrate the end of your journey with a mug of dwarven stout or a glass of elven wine.

Height: 350cm
Weight: 39700g
Material: Canvas
Maintenance: Ensure roof & walls are entirely dry before stowing away, If stained, set up and wash with anti-bacterial soap & water then allow to dry fully before stowing away
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