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Persian Headband

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To be worn with the Persian Helmet, or on its own as protection from the sun. Make a Statement... more
Product information "Persian Headband"

To be worn with the Persian Helmet, or on its own as protection from the sun.

Make a Statement

Epic Armoury’s Dark Red Persian Headband is cloth headwear inspired by the turbans of ancient Asia, designed to keep the sweat out of your face while looking particularly epic. Made of beautiful linen-like red crepé, we have crafted this headband so that it looks like it has been artfully bound and twisted--without the hassle of doing it yourself! There are two main layers of fabric to make this possible. First, there is an outer decorative layer that gives this headband its appearance and shape, with excess fabric hanging down the back of the neck. Attached beneath this outer layer, a comfortable crepé band sits against the forehead and keeps the decorative fabric in place.

Wearing the Persian Head Band is easy. Loop the included ties through the eyelets at the back of the band and tie them together, adjusting to fit around the crown of your own head or helmet. There is also a square sized hole in the front of the inner band designed to fit over the Persian Helmet’s nasal guard bolt.

A Simplified Turban

  • Inspired by the traditional turban, but altered so it can be worn over a helmet
  • Turbans have been used since ancient times, and are still used today
  • Turban colours and styles have been used to depict a person’s religion, tribe, or status
Epic Circle: Ancient
Weight: 180g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Gentle machine wash - air dry
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