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Eventide Flail Head

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This product will be released at 1 September 2024

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In a city under siege by greenskins, a nameless blacksmith worked tirelessly in his dim... more
Product information "Eventide Flail Head"

In a city under siege by greenskins, a nameless blacksmith worked tirelessly in his dim workshop. War raged outside, but he crafted a weapon of unexpected might within his forge. It was a simple creation, combining the elegant Eventide Flail Head with a sturdy, albeit bent, stick—a weapon that might have seemed no better than a rusty axe at first glance. Yet, this flail was destined for greatness, originally intended for the city's lord, to be fitted onto a shaft adorned with crystals to symbolise war and power. But with the city's defences crumbling and time running out, the blacksmith adapted, creating a makeshift but formidable weapon. Armed with this flail, he stood with an unwavering determination to defend his home, swinging with the might and legacy of a weapon far greater than its humble parts suggested.


Introducing the Eventide Flail Head, a fusion of elegance and might crafted for warriors who demand beauty and functionality. The Eventide Flail Head is made from high-quality materials, and with inspiration from nightshade thorns, the Eventide Flail Head promises a design made to devastate and intimidate. The flail head boasts a midnight black finish with silver accents, resembling the early stars of twilight, transforming it into a striking piece of artistry.


Easily attached to any haft, it allows for customisation to your combat and visual style, ensuring a perfect balance of precision and power. It is ideal for LARP and theatrical use and prioritises safety without compromising the weapon's fearsome appearance. Step into the role of a shadowy knight or a rogue warrior with the Eventide Flail Head, and a unique haft of your own making will surely carve your legacy under the cloak of night.


If you have no desire to make a flail haft of your own, we recommend looking at our Eventide Flail. This weapon consists of the elegant Eventide Flail Head but is attached to a haft and ready for battle.

Epic Circle: Stygian
Width: 23cm
Weight: 235g
Material: Leather, EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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