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Iarla Shield - Huginn & Muninn

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Don’t Kill the Messenger. Sometimes they are their lord's favourites. Don’t Kill the... more
Product information "Iarla Shield - Huginn & Muninn"

Don’t Kill the Messenger. Sometimes they are their lord's favourites.

Don’t Kill the Messenger

Epic Armoury’s Huginn & Muninn Iarla Shield is a 70 cm round latex shield befitting a god of wisdom and victory. You are a master of strategy and your knowledge knows no bounds, thanks in great part to the informants you keep. Inspired by early Vikings and Saxons, this Live Action Role Play (LARP) safe shield is carved from EVA foam to look like true wood. Coated in a layer of durable latex, it features a wood grain texture on both the front and back--something that makes this shield truly unique and perfect for a truly immersive look. You can even find small sculpted nails hammered into the braces, because attention to detail is so important.

This shield has been hand painted blue, with an outlined white cross mark through its center. Two red Norse-inspired ravens--Huginn and Muninn--decorate its face. Its slight convex shape and the metallic-painted boss on the front provides an edge in combat, and its reliable punch-grip fits comfortably in your hand thanks to its suede wrap and shape. Keep your shield in great condition with regular latex maintenance.

The Best of All Horses

  • Iarla is the Irish word for ‘Earl,’ which makes it perfect for higher ranking warriors in your tribe
  • Huginn & Muninn are from Norse mythology, and are the names of two ravens that brought information to Odin
  • The Shield Boss--the round, convex piece of material at the centre of the shield--was used to deflect blows
  • Round wooden style was predominantly used in the early European Middle Ages using light, non-splintering wood such as linden, fir, alder or poplar
Epic Circle: Stalwart
Height: 15cm
Width: 70cm diameter
Material: EVA, Latex, Suede
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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