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Luke's Tabard - Epic Black

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You feel a disturbance on this planet, calling you to once again take up your weapon and defend... more
Product information "Luke's Tabard - Epic Black"

You feel a disturbance on this planet, calling you to once again take up your weapon and defend your rightful place as the most powerful.

As you don your robe over your Luke Tabard--your traditional uniform--and leave your starship’s hangar, your senses suddenly urge you to stop. The first blaster bolt fires past, just missing you by a few centimeters and scorching the edge of your sleeve. You did not expect to find the enemy so quickly, but you are unshaken as you deflect the next round of blaster bolts with your saber.

There is no calm, there is passion as you fight your way through the enemy in order to claim your victory.


Epic Armoury’s Epic Black Tabard Luke is a sleeveless tabard made from cotton that hangs over your base costume. This black coloured tabard is hip length and made for ease of movement. The open front wraps around the torso and is secured at the waist using a belt.

The Tabard Luke is a top layer usable by any character in any game world. Whether you are defending the galaxy from dark forces, or hiding from space soldiers in a swamp, this tabard provides you the freedom to customize your characters’ equipment.


  • Traditionally used as a way to identify allies or enemies while on the battlefield
  • Style is famously worn by Anakin Skywalker in the LucasFilms Star Wars universe during his fall from the light side
Epic Circle: Ancestral
Height: 140cm, 150cm, 130cm
Weight: 200g, 250g, 270g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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