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Arvid Shirt

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A NORDIC SHIRT Mead was still unkind to his head as he stood on the cold clay floor wearing... more
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Mead was still unkind to his head as he stood on the cold clay floor wearing nothing but his britches. The shouts had broken his peaceful slumber. Shouts about longboats arriving in the Fjord. He knew this was either the start of something significant for better or worse. Either the evening would be spent trading exotic wares or burying the dead. He grabbed his herringbone-woven shirt and cleared his head. Longboats were always guided by fate.


Epic Armoury’s Arvid Shirt is a Viking-inspired shirt made from high-quality herringbone-patterned cotton. More specifically, the design is based on a historical period when gussets were applied between the tunic centre piece and sleeves to provide optimal arm movement. The simple yet functional is available in different tones of grey for style versatility. Apart from the finest mead hall feasts, this shirt can be used by nordic inspired characters in almost any context.

Epic Circle: Stalwart
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Gentle machine wash - air dry
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