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Woodland Tunic

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“The tranquillity of summer still blessed the landscape. A pleasant breeze danced in harmony... more
Product information "Woodland Tunic"

“The tranquillity of summer still blessed the landscape. A pleasant breeze danced in harmony with the playful seagull screeches. Ulfar had agreed to walk with me to the forest to pick blueberries. The tall pine trees swayed gently, and a subtle scent of resin was in the air. I was determined to lead him along the narrow forest paths as he carried the basket, wearing his beautifully woven tunic and new leather shoes. His smile was divine.”


Epic Armoury’s Woodland Tunic is inspired by designs from the Viking Age and made from high-quality herringbone-patterned cotton. As distinct details, the tunic has tapered edges along the split crew neckline and has piping decoration at the cuffs. In addition, the herringbone-pattern on the cuffs is orthogonally aligned to the sleeve pattern. The tunic is well suited for a simple kit but is also an excellent choice as base apparel in combination with other apparel.

Epic Circle: Stalwart
Height: 125cm, 90cm, 104cm, 115cm, 135cm, 82cm, 97cm, 74cm
Width: 45cm, 82cm, 57cm, 78cm, 70cm, 63cm, 74cm, 52cm
Weight: 240g, 320g, 460g, 580g, 500g, 540g, 420g, 380g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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