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Lucrezia Dress

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Once Upon a Dress! “Behind her back, she sensed the noblemen ogling and their accompanying... more
Product information "Lucrezia Dress"

Once Upon a Dress!

“Behind her back, she sensed the noblemen ogling and their accompanying ladies scowling. She did not mind. In fact, she almost suppressed a smirk from the knowledge that the hunt was often more interesting than the catch. It was always a game, a dance with fire, and this evening was no exception. She made an innocent smile and fondled the golden trimmings along her neckline. While the cavaliers could only guess, she knew exactly what was beneath her dress: Alluring perfume, a subtle knife and a mission to obtain a certain piece of information that most likely could turn the tides in the looming war.”


Dress Lucrezia is the perfect dress for any adventurer that wishes to arrive feminine and fancy to the great hall. The dress is inspired by the Renaissance with golden trimmings to emphasise a lucrative lifestyle. The arms can be detached entirely or attached to reveal your choice of undergarments boldly. Allow us to recommend the matching Shift Lucrezia!


Note: In the photos with the Emperor Red and Epic Black variants the model is wearing the Shift Lucrezia beneath. In the photos with the Midnight Blue and Storm Grey variants, the model is wearing the Shift Isobel beneath.

Epic Circle: Defiant
Maintenance: Gentle machine wash - air dry
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