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Raven Dress – White

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Please note that the White Raven Dress is a Limited Edition Colour of the Raven Dress ... more
Product information "Raven Dress – White"

Please note that the White Raven Dress is a Limited Edition Colour of the Raven Dress 

Two frogs, a halved lizard’s brain, and a dash of graveyard dirt are added to your brew as you recite the memorized incantation. This particular spell is one of your specialties; people from miles around come to buy even the smallest of doses.

You allow the potion time to simmer before it is ready, straining the maroon concoction into a flask. Your Raven Dress flares out behind you as you carry it out to the cloaked man still waiting in your shop. The Forget Spell is ready for sale...for a pretty price.


Epic Armoury’s Raven Dress is a sleeveless overdress with a polyester fur collar and large window armholes. Designed to be pulled on top of an inner slip such as a Peasant Dress or Basic Dress, the Raven Dress adds layering to the costume while still allowing you to show-off your entire costume. Made from comfortable medium cotton, and embellished with a tulle-like bottom hem, this dress is designed to be both comfortable and impressive.

The Raven dress is designed with plenty of room and loose fabric. Though unique in pattern, the cut will fit into most medieval settings.


  • Sideless surcoats were popular women’s fashion during the 14th- and 15th centuries
  • Eventually became considered a ceremonial garment
  • The Church found the fashion scandalous, calling the sleeve holes “Gates to Hell”
Epic Circle: Ethereal
Height: 144cm, 132cm, 147cm, 141cm
Width: 46cm, 50cm, 64cm, 56cm
Weight: 400g, 415g, 430g, 485g
Material: Cotton, Faux Fur
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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