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Rebel Dress

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As a ranger, you roam the forest in search of adventure! Epic Armoury 's Rebel cotton Dress... more
Product information "Rebel Dress"

As a ranger, you roam the forest in search of adventure!

Epic Armoury's Rebel cotton Dress provides the perfect cover for sneaking about the woods. This fantasy-based sleeveless dress is made to be worn over any Larp costume and designed to endure harsh combat. Fairies, Elves or any style ranger will enjoy the convenience and the beauty of this garment. The dress comes equipped with a high tunnel collar and an oversized hood, allowing you to camouflage your face as you hide while providing some protection against the elements. The bottom of the dress possesses ruffled edges, enhancing the decorum of this fantasy dress. The dress can be tied at the sides using cotton drawstrings and is the perfect costume for hot summer months.

Epic Circle: Defiant
Maintenance: Gentle machine wash - air dry
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