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IDV Straight Bow

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  • IDV-04010
A very basic straight bow, available in 120cm or 140cm, in a plain style or painted up like... more
Product information "IDV Straight Bow"

A very basic straight bow, available in 120cm or 140cm, in a plain style or painted up like wood.
Weather proof, impact resistant and break-proof, even if bent more than 180°. 
Won't weaken, even if kept under tension for months.

The perfect bow for beginners, tough environment and bad weather:
Tearproof Polyurethane foam enfolds a rugged glass fibre core.
Delivered including a professional 12# Dacron(TM) sports string.

Smooth, but yet powerful shot with high accuracy and low vibration.
Works perfectly with IDV arrows. 

Note: the unpainted version is usually grey OR black with the colour varying between production batches.


Your prey is almost within range, tentative as she catches a whiff of something in the air. You have covered yourself in the dirt of the forest and smell more like pine than person, but the deer still seems uncertain. She steps forward and you pull back the string on your loaded Bow. This deer will feed you for the rest of the week, so you are careful as you take aim. You mustn’t miss your target if you are to eat.

With a sharp ‘thwap!’ your arrow hits its mark, clean and perfect. A painless end to a noble creature...and your dinner.


This Bow is designed by iDV Engineering, the leading archery crafters in the LARP industry. This reliable bow is an essential for any person intending to experience the battlefield as an archer. Made with a fibreglass core and polyurethane foam exterior, this 26 lb. bow has a 71 cm (or 28 inch) draw length. It is built to withstand abuse while not having too much force that it becomes dangerous and unwieldy--decreasing any chance that you might injure your friends.

This bow is a great solution for beginning archers, youth, tourism, LARP or medieval reenactment. Due to this bow’s classic style, it can be used across different genres and character-types.


  • Used in cultures all over the world, predating recorded history
  • Modern reconstruction of a historical composite bow
Material: Injected Polyurethane, Fibreglass
Weight: 700g, 550g
Width: 3cm
Depth: 3cm
Height: 140cm, 120cm
Draw Weight: 26-28lb
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