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Ignis Pants - Wool

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The winters in these parts were always long and cold, but unlike the other monster hunters,... more
Product information "Ignis Pants - Wool"

The winters in these parts were always long and cold, but unlike the other monster hunters, Torvald didn't spend the cold months strutting his stuff in the taverns and inns. Trophies were a distraction; only results mattered. Up ahead, the troll sniffed the air like a tiger on the prowl, and he dove behind a small stump. Thankfully, his pants' black and grey wool blended perfectly with the snow and dark forest, and the great beast missed his presence before shuffling on. He lay there momentarily, the cold biting through his skin like a thousand angry ants eating him alive, and then he moved again.


Epic Armoury's wool Ignis Pants are stylish leggings with neutral colours cut vertically, in the style of the German mercenaries of the Renaissance Period. It's made from a herringbone pattern wool mix (78% wool), making them warm and comfortable, with six belt loops and an elastic stretch that gives you a great fit together with a belt. These pants come down just above the knees, and leg wraps on your lower legs are recommended. It has two main pockets and two "convenience" pockets that can fit small objects like throwing knives, coins, and such. Whether you're hunting monsters in the cold wilds or trying to stay unnoticed on the city streets, these pants are for you.

Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 80cm, 120cm, 114cm, 122cm
Width: 46cm, 38cm, 59cm, 74cm
Weight: 480g, 920g, 810g, 730g
Material: Twill
Maintenance: Gentle machine wash - air dry
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