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Eventide Overcoat

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Unveil the enigma of twilight with the Eventide Overcoat – a captivating garment designed for... more
Product information "Eventide Overcoat"

Unveil the enigma of twilight with the Eventide Overcoat – a captivating garment designed for immersive live roleplaying. Tailored to resonate with the mysterious culture of dark elves, this overcoat exudes an irresistible aura, perfect for those who yearn to embody these captivating beings. Meticulously crafted, it encapsulates the essence of shadows and allure, elevating your presence in the world of roleplaying. Whether embroiled in fierce battles or weaving intricate plots, the Eventide Overcoat becomes your emblem of distinction, infusing your character with depth and authenticity. Step into the realm of dark elves and let the enchanting charisma of the Eventide Overcoat illuminate your roleplaying journey.


Epic Circle: Stygian
Material: Wool Blend
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry., Hand Wash Recommended.
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