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Leather Hellsing Coat

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Through the frozen wastes of the 8th circle of Hell itself would you chase the accursed blood... more
Product information "Leather Hellsing Coat"

Through the frozen wastes of the 8th circle of Hell itself would you chase the accursed blood drinkers, the monsters, the things that keep innocents laying awake at night and wondering if this is their last.

To the flames you shall put all that hide them, that consort with them, that give them nourishment, and then tread through the piles of coals and ash to ensure the purity of this world.


You let out a chuckle as you load your crossbow with another silver bolt. The ghoul howls from the first bolt embedded in its leg, and it tries to scamper away. As though it has a chance of escaping.

You take aim, pushing up the brim of your hat to get a clear line of sight. With a confident pull of the trigger another of your silver bolts fires and lodges into the creature’s heart. Perfect.


Epic Armoury’s Epic Black Coat Hellsing is a sleek and long-sleeved duster with an impressive mantle designed for magic hunters. Reaching from the neck to the mid-calf, this coat is designed to protect you from the elements while adding a serious, professional appearance. The coat is made from real leather. The slit up the back provides better movement, including comfort on horseback

Wear this coat open or closed with the six double-breasted rows of buttons on the front. The mantle is removable, and attaches to the third row of buttons. Coats are great garments for witch hunters or savvy adventurers, and the Coat Hellsing is a detailed outer layer that fits a wide range of characters.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large; and colours Epic Black and Dark Brown. The coat is also available in a canvas version


  • Inspired by Van Helsing and Hellsing, stories about vampire and the supernatural hunters
  • Original dusters were used by horsemen to protect their clothing from dust
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 136cm, 131cm, 148cm, 140cm
Width: 65cm, 75cm, 55cm, 60cm, 50cm
Weight: 2725g, 2275g, 1990g, 3100g, 3000g
Material: Leather
Maintenance: Routinely apply leather wax for best result
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