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Sword Belt

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”Care for your equipment, and it will care for you.” Of the many maxims adventurers like to... more
Product information "Sword Belt"

”Care for your equipment, and it will care for you.” Of the many maxims adventurers like to spew out, you’ve found that this saying has always resonated with you. It’s saved your life on a few occasions, after all.

Simple, sturdy, and reliable will always win the day. Your Sword Belt, fastened securely at your waist, is all three of those things.


Epic Armoury’s Sword Belt offers more versatility and support than a standard waist belt when carrying your sword. This belt is designed so your sword’s weight will be evenly distributed while resting on the hip. Both belt straps are secured using brass buckles around the waist, and can be adjusted so the second strap hangs around the left or right hip. This second strap also features D-rings, hooks, and a brass loop as viable options from which to hang your scabbard or naked sword--whatever its size.

Made from vegetable-tanned leather, this Sword Belt is a great addition to a variety of character costumes. This authentic belt and weapon holder will last for a long time with proper leather care.


  • Double wrapped belts were especially popular during the medieval times
  • Designed to balance the weight on both hips, creating a more comfortable fit
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 120cm, 130cm
Width: 3cm
Weight: 480g, 460g
Material: Leather
Maintenance: Use leather wax regularly to prolong product life. Only clean using proper leather soap, following instructions closely.
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