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Pirate Gaiters - Black

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"Sir, I don't think they're real pirates." "What do you mean, Navigator?" "Well, Captain, their... more
Product information "Pirate Gaiters - Black"

"Sir, I don't think they're real pirates."
"What do you mean, Navigator?"
"Well, Captain, their flag only has one bone, they demanded we handed over limes, and their personal hygeine seems impeccable."
"A pox on what you say, look at their shoes! B'lud, they are but the serious business!"

The treasures of the sea are vast and varied. The last ship unfortunate enough to have crossed your path had all sorts of interesting prizes.

One well dressed fellow even had a set of surprisingly useful Pirate Gaiters on him. Since he no longer needs them, you’ve taken them for yourself and have grown to like the way they protect your expensive boots from the harsh salt sprays and occasional sword blow.


Epic Armoury’s Black Pirate Gaiters are protective garments designed to be worn over shoes or boots. These knee-high gaiters keep the ankle, shins, calves and the top of the foot safe from treacherous briars or thick mud. Secure them by adjusting the six leather straps at the calf and one strap around the arch of the shoe, making them usable with nearly any size shoe or calf. An additional strap along the bottom hooks around the heel to keep the edges from curling.

Cover your footwear with these gaiters to turn modern shoes into period-appropriate wear that will fit a pirate or equally scruffy scoundrel of ill-repute. With a black synthetic leather body, leather straps and heel, and a canvas lining, these gaiters are built to withstand extensive abuse with regular leather care.


  • Primarily used as protective equipment against underbrush, or to keep mud from entering the boot
  • Historically used for horseback riding to protect the rider’s leg from wear
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 41cm, 38cm
Width: 43cm, 39cm
Weight: 500g, 550g
Material: Leather
Maintenance: Use leather wax regularly to prolong product life. Only clean using proper leather soap, following instructions closely.
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