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Long Bow

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As Long Cat is long, so is this bow. With the traditional end spikes to plant it firmly in the... more
Product information "Long Bow"

As Long Cat is long, so is this bow.
With the traditional end spikes to plant it firmly in the ground, for that bit of extra OP pull, this bow will really have your friends wanting to cut off your first two fingers in the traditional British manner.


Please note that this bow is 7 feet tall and may present some difficulties in being strung.


The bow of legend. The same kind that Robin Hood and most of the English Army put into good use back in the ‘olden day’. Whereas a recurve bow is fast and powerful, the longbow will let your arrow fly straighter and much longer. So, whenever it is more advantageous to launch your attack from a distance, rely on your loyal Epic Armoury LARP Long Bow.

Made of wood and fiberglass, this impressive bow has an authentic medieval look and can be used by both right- and left-handed warriors. It is inspired by the traditional medieval English Yew longbow and gives the genuine sensation of a time when skillful Yeowmen used to win wars for their King.

Our LARP bow has an appealing light wood finish, and its fiberglass tips are black. A laced up, leather-look wrap forms the grip. The Dacron bow string is included, and the draw weight is approximately 13 kilograms / 448 oz. Whether you are aiming to hit bullseye on the target or taking down a foe from afar, this fiberglass and wood longbow is a great weapon for any LARP fighter to have at hand.

Since this item is made from natural materials, please note that appearance can vary slightly from what is shown on the pictures. The draw weight can also vary by 5 pounds above or below the listed amount.


  • Yew is a type of tree and is typically regarded as the best type of wood for making longbows
  • The archers from the King’s own household were termed the Yeomen of the Crown. They were specially trained and rightly considered the elite even among the experienced archers
Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 200cm
Weight: 650g
Material: Wood, Fibreglass
Maintenance: Store in cold, dark location to prolong shelf life, Unstring after use.
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