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Battleworn Ranger Sword

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LOOKS CAN BE DECIEVING First of all: this sword is no virgin. Designed to appear as though it... more
Product information "Battleworn Ranger Sword"


First of all: this sword is no virgin. Designed to appear as though it has seen countless battles, Epic Armoury’s Battleworn Ranger Sword comes with a non-pristine look like rusty spots and nicks and scratches. It looks grimed, aged and not at all well-cared for. Secondly, it has character; it could very likely be the trusty blade of a heroic outlaw or an unscrupulous assassin. Maybe it got picked up by a scavenging orc as stolen goods after a battle, or maybe it belongs to a daughter of a nomadic warrior clan. The possibilities for using it when crafting LARP characters seems almost inexhaustible.

Make no mistake though; The Battleworn Ranger Sword is as dependable as any clean blade in our broad range of products and you can feel absolutely sure that this hybrid model sword will give you confidence in the safety and appeal of your weapon on the battlefield. This 60 cm short latex-hybrid sword is impressively durable and is inspired by medieval weapons and fantasy lore alike. The crossguard features an intricate curved design that protects a leather-like grip. This grip, wide by the crossguard and narrow toward the golden “scent stopper” pommel, is ergonomic in your hand. The blade is made from closed cell foam around a fiberglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, while the handle is a polyurethane foam cast that allows for greater detail and no maintenance.


  • Considered to be a long knife and is similar in size and shape to a thrusting dagger called a “dirk”
  • Used as a personal sidearm by officers
  • The pommel design is called a “scent stopper” design, popular in the 16th century. In shape it resembles the top on old crystal perfume bottles
Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 60cm, 105cm
Width: 12cm
Weight: 340g, 215g
Material: Injected Polyurethane, EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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