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Desert Dagger

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This couldn't be how it ended. Alan dead in the muck, leagues away from home, only to die in... more
Product information "Desert Dagger"

This couldn't be how it ended. Alan dead in the muck, leagues away from home, only to die in the sand. His thoughts raced in the sickly sweet smelling air. Peach and copper and mango and wheat grass all fought inside his nose as the other man breathed in his face.
"This is the last dagger you'll ever see, Crusader Dog!" the hashshin crowed, as he sat astride Samuel, knife to his throat as he lay in the sand just outside what he thought to be his final goal. 
This took Samuel by surprise "So it's a dessert dagger, then?" 
"Yes, it's a... no! Wait, what?!" But that was all the distraction he needed. A swift headbutt rang both of their helmets like bells, the chainmail on the kulah khud jangling in harmony like the smaller ones attached to festive holly. As his assailant reeled Samuel shoved him off and sprang to his feet. Quickly grabbing his templar shield, he delivered a swift kick to the ribs and then ran inside the building.  
"For the Sovereign!" Samuel roared "Juice Vault!"



Whether your LARP-character is a loyal soldier or a treacherous backstabbing priest, it is written in stone and hieroglyphs, that the Epic Armoury Desert Dagger is the perfect knife for you. Even though it bears a remarkable resemblance to the ceremonial knife, that was found in the tomb of the great pharaoh Tutankhamun's, this dagger is not made of any extraterrestrial material. It is in fact made from durable closed cell foam around a fibreglass core and finished with a strong latex coating that will withstand LARP combat and abuse. The 28 cm knife has a two-edged blade with a central ridge, no crossguard and a flattened pommel, and the handle is wrapped in leather, trimmed with a single, fine gold line. When you are crafting your LARP kit, this dagger will make you look like you belong in the desert


  • The Ancient Egyptians used daggers for self-protection, close quarter combat & warfare, but they were also pieces of adornment or ceremonial objects
  • In ancient Egypt, daggers were usually made of copper or bronze, while royalty had gold weapons
Epic Circle: Ancient
Height: 46cm
Width: 9cm
Weight: 70g
Material: Leather, Injected Polyurethane, EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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