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Woodsman Armour - Suede

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A true hero is born through battle. Epic Armoury's Suede Woodsman Armor is more than just... more
Product information "Woodsman Armour - Suede"

A true hero is born through battle.

Epic Armoury's Suede Woodsman Armor is more than just amazing. It is the perfect armour to wear if you play a ranger, rogue or various other characters. This fantasy Larp armour is made from a series of riveted suede plates that are embossed with a Celtic pattern and placed in a diagonal formation. This lightweight brigandine armour is embellished by stitched suede borders around its edges, adding strength to the armour and comfort for the warrior. A series of leather straps in the rear allow the fighter to adapt the armour for an adjusted fit according to the costume worn. For convenience, the warrior can easily dress in the armour using a series of metal studs that help close the armour from the front. Regardless of your role, your Larp character will benefit from the defence this coat of plates provides.

Please Note: Shoulders are sold seperately.

The model in these photos has paired the Woodsman Armour Suede & Woodsman Pauldrons Suede with the Imperial Gambeson Black; Ragnar Chainmail Dark; Leather Gloves Suede Black; Herringbone Leg Wraps Black; Medieval Pants Black; Travelers Boots; Sword Belt Laced Brown; Full Scabbard Medium Black & Stronghold Knightly Sword 87cm Gold.


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