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Marauder Pauldrons

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A SHOULDER TO DIE ON!  "He swung at the abomination’s neck, praying that his years of... more
Product information "Marauder Pauldrons"


 "He swung at the abomination’s neck, praying that his years of military experience and raw strength would be enough. It was not. Far from it. The imposing shield blocked his blade instantly, and the being merely twisted its shoulders in a spiteful jerk, impaling his lungs in a painfully short moment. With his last breath, he understood that every spiked inch on these iron-clad fiends was a lethal weapon.”

The Marauder Pauldrons provide unyielding, ruinous protection, made from mild steel in Epic Dark and Epic Grey colours to emphasise a sinister and unholy origin. They are designed with star-shaped place-holder screws that are replaceable with the Mountable Demon Horns and minor grips, making it possible to attach heinous additions such as an Orc Shrunken Head or a Human Tongue Trophy.

Epic Circle: Ruinous
Material: 18ga Mild Steel
Maintenance: Regularly apply lanolin based lubricant for best results.
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