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Marauder Helmet

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A HEINOUS HELMET!  "What do they look like? I do not know! Who can imagine what a face... more
Product information "Marauder Helmet"


 "What do they look like? I do not know! Who can imagine what a face of such soulless malice really looks like? I doubt they even have a face. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if those doomed helmets only contain everlasting darkness and hunger to cause suffering.”

The Marauder Helmet provides unyielding, ruinous protection and is made from mild steel in Epic Dark and Epic Grey colours to emphasise a sinister and unholy origin. It is designed with star-shaped place-holder screws that are replaceable with mountable accessories such as the Mountable Demon Horns and minor grips, making it possible to attach heinous additions such as a Goblin Shrunken Head or a Halfling Tongue Trophy.

Epic Circle: Ruinous
Material: 18ga Mild Steel
Maintenance: Regularly apply lanolin based lubricant for best results.
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