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Corinthian Helmet

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The time came when the city faced a siege, an army amassed at the gates, threatening to turn... more
Product information "Corinthian Helmet"

The time came when the city faced a siege, an army amassed at the gates, threatening to turn streets into rivers of turmoil. The guardsmen stood shoulder to shoulder, one last time, on the battlements they had sworn to defend. As they repelled the invaders, the city's fate hanging by a thread, their camaraderie was a beacon that rallied the defenders to victory. Yet, when the dust settled, their ideological rift could no longer be bridged.


Behold the Corinthian Helmet, a modern homage to the storied helm of ancient warriors, reborn with a visor for the modern fighter. Crafted for clarity and breathability, the visor lifts with ease, offering both protection and a welcome gust of air in the throes of battle. It cradles the head in comfort, complete with adjustable leather straps and plush, removable padding, customizable to the bearer's preference. Fasten it beneath the chin, and feel the security of the meticulously fashioned mild steel. Its endurance is the stuff of legend, maintained with the devoted care of  ancient metal craft.

Epic Circle: Ancient
Weight: 2000g
Material: Leather, 19ga Mild Steel
Maintenance: Regularly apply lanolin based lubricant for best results.
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