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Illumine Cuirass

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If the influence of the elves is real, it is here, contained within this armour There is... more
Product information "Illumine Cuirass"

If the influence of the elves is real, it is here, contained within this armour

There is something truly spectacular about Epic Armoury's Illumine Cuirass. This adjustable torso armor comes in three sizes and is equipped with an elaborate Brass breast and backplate whose design was inspired by this mythological race. It is a fantasy armour that will endure any Larp battle and bring victory to the realm. The brass plates are mounted on a thick leather cuirass adorned with a pattern that only the elves could inspire. Adjustable straps mounted on the top and on either side allow the warrior to adjust the cuirass snug to the body. Similar to the Galadhrim Warriors of old, this torso armor will likely make you a better warrior ad you defend your borders.

Epic Circle: Ethereal
Width: 70cm diameter, 65cm, 53cm
Weight: 1550g, 2600g, 2200g
Material: Leather, 19ga Mild Steel
Maintenance: Regularly apply lanolin based lubricant for best results.
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