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Arvid Pants

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PANTS FOR THE RUN! “The skirmish was successful, although a hasty retreat still awaited. They... more
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“The skirmish was successful, although a hasty retreat still awaited. They ran to the shores and quickly handled the ropes on the tied longboat. He took a few hasty steps into the salty fjord water, felt the soaking of his woven pants and grinned as they all worked in concert. Old Vikings knew when to fight and when to run. Those who did not died young. The Einherjar awaited soon enough, but not today. This day belonged to the living clan folk.”




Epic Armoury’s Pants Arvid are made from high-quality herringbone-patterned cotton and inspired by designs from the early Viking Age. They are characterised by an inner seam and no outer seam, a centre gusset along the entire rise and pattern angled diagonally on the legs for a better fit around the knees. The pants are available in two shades of grey, making the pants a fine base in combination with more colourful items in nordic-inspired character kit.

Epic Circle: Stalwart
Material: Herringbone Cotton
Maintenance: Gentle machine wash - air dry
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