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Samurai Pants

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Donning your kimono, jin baori and Samurai Pants every morning is as much a ritual as a tea... more
Product information "Samurai Pants"

Donning your kimono, jin baori and Samurai Pants every morning is as much a ritual as a tea ceremony. Carefully inspected and folded the night before, it is of the utmost importance that a samurai of your stature maintain a pristine uniform. To look sloppy implies that your discipline is lacking--and by that logic, your swordsmanship must be, too.

Instead of risking such dishonor to your reputation, you take the care that is necessary. There will not be a thread out of place.


Epic Armoury’s Samurai Pants are inspired by the classic Japanese hakama. The legs are wide and permanently pleated in the traditional fashion, making them comfortable and non constricting to movement in combat. Made from light canvas and lined with cotton on the inside, these pants also have reinforced hems to ensure a long lifetime of use.

The high waist rests just under the ribs and is secured by three long, heavy cotton canvas cords that can be tied into decorative knots. Samurai Pants are part of Epic Armoury’s Asian range of gear. They are fully compatible with other Epic Armoury clothes and armours, allowing flexibility when designing your own personal look.


  • Inspired by the Japanese hakama, which were adopted into Japanese society in the 6th century
  • Historically made for armoured samurai to wear
  • Traditionally both a male and female garment until the Meiji period
Epic Circle: Ancestral
Height: 126cm, 100cm, 119cm
Width: 120cm, 84cm, 98cm
Weight: 800g, 700g, 950g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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