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Black Ice Neck & Shoulder set

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Their fearsome display was not about numbers. They fought in perfect unison, even in smaller... more
Product information "Black Ice Neck & Shoulder set"

Their fearsome display was not about numbers. They fought in perfect unison, even in smaller groups, coordinating precise strikes with supernatural efficiency. There was no hint of emotion, no signs of rage, fury or thirst for war. No hesitation, fear or mercy. Only calculated conduct behind an armoured ultimatum clad in black and blue. The Black Ice was like a glacious mountain causing the steady sinking of our otherwise unsinkable fleet.


The Black Ice Armour pieces were initially designed for the Black Ice faction at the ConQuest of Mythodea. However, the style also easily fits other campaigns for warriors, knights and paladins. With the blue, black and silver colours, you will surely stand out in a characteristic armour kit. The Black Ice Shoulder Plate Set comprises a two-piece gorget that covers the clavicles and is fitted with vegetable-tanned top-grain leather fastenings for the shoulder armour pieces. These pieces constitute layered spaulders that cover the shoulders and upper arms and are moulded to deflect hits to the head and neck. The shoulder armour pieces can also be attached directly to a chest plate. If you wish to upgrade to a more comprehensive kit, we recommend the CQ Black Ice Medium Deal or CQ Black Ice Heavy Deal.

Epic Circle: Stygian
Weight: 3200g
Material: 18ga Mild Steel
Maintenance: Regularly apply lanolin based lubricant for best results.
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