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Undead Neck & Shoulder set

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“While regular warriors often caused trepidation, it was nothing compared to the servants of... more
Product information "Undead Neck & Shoulder set"

“While regular warriors often caused trepidation, it was nothing compared to the servants of the Bone Queen. Donning twisted armour from their former lives, these warriors would stop at nothing to commit heinous acts on behalf of their dark queen. The slain would not be allowed to rest in peace but rather rise to join the ranks of their demise. Everything was uncertain – even death and taxes!”


The Undead Armour pieces were initially designed for the Undead faction at the ConQuest of Mythodea. However, the style also easily fits other campaigns for risen warriors, wraiths and death knights. The matte black design provides an ominous yet sophisticated look that signals a high-ranking villain or sinister antihero. The Undead Shoulder and Neck Armour Set has a two-piece gorget that protects the clavicles and is fastened with top-grain vegetable-tanned straps to attach shoulder armour pieces. These pieces comprise multi-layered spaulders that shield the shoulders and upper arms from impact. Shoulder armour pieces can alternatively be connected to a chest plate. If you wish to upgrade to a more comprehensive kit, we recommend the CQ Undead Medium Deal or CQ Undead Heavy Deal.

Epic Circle: Stygian
Weight: 4400g
Material: 18ga Mild Steel
Maintenance: Regularly apply lanolin based lubricant for best results.
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