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Belaying Pin

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Sure you could* use this to fasten rope around a fixed point on a yard arm, but it's much more... more
Product information "Belaying Pin"

Sure you could* use this to fasten rope around a fixed point on a yard arm, but it's much more effective as an improvised weapon to slug someone in near quarters.

*No, you couldn't. Please note that the Epic Armoury belaying pin is not a naval use device and is intended for roleplay purposes only.


You are part of a small group of men that have been secretly conspiring against your captain for weeks now. The time to act has come; the captain has grown suspicious and your chance to take control of the ship may slip away from you like badly secured rigging slipping through your hands during a storm.

You catch him standing alone on deck staring into the distant horizon. This has to be done quickly and quietly. You wallop your Belaying Pin swift and hard on the back of this poor bugger’s head before he can even scream: “Mutiny!”


Epic Armoury’s Belaying Pin measures 40 cm and is made from durable closed cell foam with a core of flexible tubing and finished with a strong latex coating. Hand painted and sculpted, this weapon appears to be made of real wood. Great impromptu LARP weapon for thumping skulls or for disciplining deck boys.

Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 40cm
Width: 2cm
Weight: 80g
Material: EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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