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Stronghold Valor Sword

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What is true valor? You ponder the meaning as you turn your Valor Sword over in your hands.... more
Product information "Stronghold Valor Sword"

What is true valor? You ponder the meaning as you turn your Valor Sword over in your hands.

You left your home at an early age to join the ranks of adventurers, seeking your own fame and glory like so many legends did before you. Yet, the longer you travel and the more you see, the harder it is for you to know what decisions are good and which are bad. Perhaps that is why there are so few heroes in this world--who is really worthy to be remembered in the name of valor?


Stronghold’s Valor Sword is a medium sword inspired by 13th century swords. The sword is 75 cm long and has a 57 cm double-edged blade with a central ridge. The handle has realistic detail, including a curved crossguard and a disc-shaped pommel popular during the medieval times. The handle is handpainted to looks like faded iron. The 10 cm grip is cast and painted to look like leather, ergonomically shaped to fit the hand.

Stronghold weapons are foam weapons designed for tough combat at LARPs. They require no maintenance, unlike latex weapons, and feature detailed polyurethane handles.

This Stronghold blade is crafted using a unique Epic Foam that weighs the same as latex without requiring the constant upkeep. Additionally, the blade tip is stab-proof thanks to our new innovative construction. Lightweight and shaped with a realistic and cushioned edge, this weapon is designed to be safe--leaving your friends unbruised and unbroken!


  • Blades with a strong central ridge were better for thrusting, due to its rigidity
  • Disc-shaped pommels with chamfered edges were popular during the 10th to 15th centuries
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 75cm
Width: 12cm
Weight: 230g
Material: Injected Polyurethane, Epic Foam
Maintenance: Apply Silicone Protection Gel annually
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Customer evaluation for "Stronghold Valor Sword"
31 Aug 2019

Absolutely incredible, beyond expectation

So I'm here to tell y'all a tale as to why you should strongly consider this for your first sword, or even something to fill your armoury.
The scene, a friday night after a larp. You're walking home, it's dark, it's a little breezy, You're enjoying your night, when suddenly there's three fellas walkin towards you, askin for your wallet.
Now, they've not seen your Stronghold sword, because they've come from the front, y'know? So you hand over the wallet, but while you do that, you pull your sword out, scream "FOR VALHALLA" and just, heckin, wail on two of them. The third chap gave back my wallet and left his friends.
You'd think, after decimating two guys, the sword would have broken, right? But no! The core and exterior are all intact and still good for use! The sword lives and the foes are vanquished!!!

In short, buy this sword. It's amazing. I love it.

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