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Theodoric Gaiters

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The streets were covered with mud and filth at this time of year, and even though he tried his... more
Product information "Theodoric Gaiters"

The streets were covered with mud and filth at this time of year, and even though he tried his best, he couldn’t quite avoid it. The mud stuck to his shoes with a tenacity like a wild badger. He was late for his appointment with the mayor, an appointment that might finally enable him to open up a new clinic. As he knocked on the door, he felt nervous, just as he had when taking his first exam, and his stomach churned like being at sea during a violent storm. Thankfully, a sharply dressed butler opened the door at that moment, and he was let inside. Theodoric silently thanked his mother for the new gaiters, ensuring he’d look his best for the meeting.


The Theodoric Gaiters are made from suede and protect your lower leg, boots, and shoes from dirt and water. They cover from the ankle and top of the foot to the knee, and you secure them by tightening the two leather laces around them, ensuring a close fit. Additional holes are at the bottom to secure the gaiters around your sole. Gaiters like these are often used to ensure that your modern footwear doesn't look out of place during a LARP event or as they were originally used to protect against mud, rain, snow, or dirt.

Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 58cm, 54cm
Width: 20cm, 23cm
Weight: 520g
Material: Suede
Maintenance: Use leather wax regularly to prolong product life. Only clean using proper leather soap, following instructions closely.
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