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Faux Leather Bracers Squire

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BRACE YOURSELF! Every hand is needed for the coming battle. Your early chores as a squire are... more
Product information "Faux Leather Bracers Squire"


Every hand is needed for the coming battle. Your early chores as a squire are now complete, and you now find yourself at the archery range. An old bow, a few arrows and your bracers. Those who forget the bracers usually feel sorry for themselves by the end of the day. But not you. You can shoot for hours a day without worrying about injury. Every arrow counts if it is true that a siege is approaching from behind the mountains.


The Squire Bracers (Faux Leather) are made for combat protection and emphasises a simple and timeless design applicable to many different characters. Although made from durable polyurethane, the armguards are designwise similar to the Bracers Squire and thus easily tightened with the attached lace.

A suitable product for those who wish for a vegan adventure – no orcs were hurt during the creation of these bracers!

Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 25cm, 21cm, 28cm
Width: 22cm, 28cm, 25cm
Weight: 410g, 250g, 375g
Material: Leather
Maintenance: Use leather wax regularly to prolong product life. Only clean using proper leather soap, following instructions closely.
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